Mission Trip Expenses for a trip to El Paso Mexico

Individual Cost

  • 2 Nights on road motel: $80 (2 to a room)
  • Meals on Road (6): $45
  • Passport cost: $130 (If you want to go in to Mexico)

Group Cost

  • Gas for Vehicles: $600-700
  • Motel on Border 6 People/5 Nights: $1200
  • Food while on Border:$400
  • Materials for Project: $1200
  • Medical Clinic medx: $1400

Scott Springer is our Missionary to Mexico and El Paso, TX. More Information is on the way! This page is under construction. To get involved, contact Scott at (417) 483-1768, or via e-mail at climbthatnexthill@gmail.com